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Detoxify Your Body

A healthy and properly functioning body maintains adequate levels of acid through the process of eliminating of waste, but stress (the body’s constant enemy) produces more acid than the body needs and, in many cases more acid than the body can manage or eliminate. In other words, the nature of daily stress, as well as physical exertion, expose the average body to numerous, and persistent opportunities for the excessive buildup of extra acid in the body. While it is a normal function of human metabolism and cellular function, the production of acid is increased during times of stress or duress. As a result, the body is challenged to find other ways to eliminate unwanted, excess chemicals in the body in the form of human waste.

Here’s the problem; acid that is not neutralized and eliminated must be stored locally – in your body! The accumulation of unwanted acids can literally wreak internal havoc, and the results are manifested in the way you look, feel, act, and respond to your daily concerns or commitments. We’ve all heard it – “You look exhausted…” or “Why so agitated today?” and even “Are you getting enough sleep?” The symptoms of acid buildup vary from body to body, but the results of that chemical buildup are altogether familiar. They often include common effects, such as; feeling/looking worn out, fatigue or lethargy, cloudy judgment, slow response times (both physically and mentally), general lack of energy, irritability, weight gain which can lead to obesity, loss of memory & focus, diminished concentration, as well as restless sleep or just plain sleepless nights.

Over time, the symptoms can get even uglier, contributing to more chronic issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, joint and muscles pains, immune deficiency problems, premature aging, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, liver & kidney disease, and even bone loss and asthma! The list goes on and on…

But here’s the GREAT NEWS! Regular therapeutic massage yields some very positive biological and restorative results…therapeutic massage remains an important, proven step in the elimination of unnecessary and potentially harmful acids in the body – as well as the alleviation of the very symptoms associated with that acid buildup in the first place. Therapeutic massage helps to dissolve the toxins where they reside through the act of physical stimulation, releasing them and then sloughing them into the bloodstream where they can be safely transported out of the body – filtering out the poisons, and permanently eliminating the acid buildup.