Strengthen Your Immune System With Regular Massage

Your immune system is responsible for keeping you healthy. Some of us have great immune systems and are hardly ever sick. They are the lucky ones. Others, for a number of reasons, have a weak immune system and frequently catch whatever virus or infection is going around the office or bouncing between friends and family. But having a weak immune system can cause more damage than just the occasional cold or sinus infection. If your immune system isn’t functioning properly, unwanted chemicals can accumulate in your body and put you at risk of catching a serious illness or disease. Fortunately, receiving a regular massage can strengthen your immune system and help you build a strong defense against both major and minor illnesses.

The many benefits of regularly receiving a massage are well documented, but it’s not widely known that massage therapy can strengthen your immune system. Massages are often associated with relieving stress, and for good reason. The various types of massages, such as those offered by your local LaVida franchise, can significantly reduce stress, and since stress is a leading contributor to weakened immune systems, it’s easy to see how a massage can benefit all aspects of your physical health.

There are, however, more scientific reasons why massage therapy strengthens your immune system. Many studies have shown that receiving regular massages leads to an increase of serotonin levels in the brain, which is linked to strengthening the immune system. These tests also showed that the test group who received massage therapy got sick far less than trial participants who did not receive a massage. Participants in the massage group also said that their mood was improved and they complained less about daily aches and pains.

There’s room in everyone’s life for the benefits of massage therapy. If you want to ease your stress while strengthening your immune system, make an appointment with your local LaVida franchise today!