Read all about it. Publicity enhances the LaVida Massage brand and your opportunity with it.

While you’re spreading the joy of therapeutic massage therapy, our public relations and marketing pros will be spreading the news on LaVida Massage. Why? To strengthen franchise brand-name recognition, for one. Publicity also encourages new and repeat customer visits to LaVida Massage Centers like yours.

Feel Better. Look Better. Think Better!

It is very well known that massage therapy has a long history; and with that long history comes a long list of health and wellness benefits. Improved concentration is just one of these. But before we try to improve our concentration, we have to find the cause. The...

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Announcing our New Franchise Sales Site!

LaVida Massage is proud to reveal our NEW Franchise Sales site! Discover what it takes to be a franchisee by visiting There you will find why the massage industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of Health and Wellness, existing Center...

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Membership at LaVida Massage

A membership to anything has rewards. For those with memberships, you know the benefits, but for those without, our LaVida Massage Benefits Program definitely has its unique advantages. What if you could book your custom massage sessions around your schedule? With...

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