What is Custom Massage Therapy?

Custom massage therapy incorporates a variety of modalities, or types of massage techniques, to ensure the best-individualized treatment to each guest. Using different combinations of massage, allows your Massage Therapist to explore which modality is most beneficial for your health and wellness. Customizing your massage session allows you to discover your preferred modality. The Massage Therapists at LaVida Massage will consult with you at the beginning of your session to determine what modalities are best suited for you.

What are the types of modalities that can be incorporated in custom massage?

In general, massage therapy has over 80 modalities that are currently in practice today. LaVida Massage Therapists utilize a tried and true portion of these modalities to ensure each guest receives a customized massage session best suited to their needs. Below are the types of modalities you may request during your session.

  • Deep tissue massage targets the deep layers of connective tissue and muscles in the body. This form of massage breaks down adhesions to restore natural movement and reduce pain.  Since this type of massage involves deep pressure, it is best suited for athletes, runners, and individuals who have a medium to high pain tolerance.
  • Swedish massage therapy triggers changes in the brain chemistry which results in reduced anxiety and an overall more improved mood. This is achieved by using gentle pressure to smoothly manipulate the muscle tissue. This promotes complete relaxation of the mind and the body.
  • Hot stone massage utilizes warm smooth stones that are placed on the body to relax the muscles which helps to reduce pain within the body.
  • Craniosacral therapy involves gentle touch from the massage therapist on areas such as the head which helps to relieve tightness caused by migraine headaches and even chronic pain. ??????
  • Trigger point massage targets specific areas on the body otherwise referred to as knots. During this modality, massage therapists will focus pressure on one area until the tissue relaxes. Your massage therapist will communicate with you while they perform this technique so that they can adjust their pressure if necessary. This modality is best suited for a multitude of individuals, as trigger points, or knots, can form from any occupation or activity which uses the same muscles in a repetitive manner.
  • Reflexology is a modality that involves applying varying pressure on specific parts of the body such as the hands, feet, and ears. Reflexology is a modality based on the theory that our bodies have zones that are connected. Manipulating one zone can help to relieve issues in another zone altogether, the goal of Reflexology is reestablishing connections between all of the zones so that they can work together as a whole. Because this modality focuses so heavily on relaxation and connections within the body it is well suited for those with anxiety, headaches, and even PMS.
  • Sports massage is a good option for athletes, not only after an event but before as well. Athletes tend to work the same muscles over and over again which can lead to repetitive injuries to certain muscle groups. Sports massage is customized to involve manipulation of the muscles that an athlete uses the most in their sport, and may include a combination of any of the modalities listed here, as well as an emphasis on stretching. Sports massage may increase flexibility, range of motion, which can help prevent future injuries from occurring.
  • Thai Massage involves a series of yoga-like stretches that your massage therapist will manipulate your body into. This type of massage uses pulling, rocking, and stretching motions to help relieve pain and stress throughout the body. Athletes also benefit from this type of massage because it helps to reduce stiff muscles and soreness. Those with back pain, and headaches may also benefit from this type of massage.

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