Pain Management

Massage for Pain Management

Most of us have suffered from a sore back (or sore muscles elsewhere) at some point in our lives. Whether it is chronic or sporadic, there is nothing worse than trying to function while you’re in pain. As a health and wellness Center, LaVida Massage is acutely aware of the need for effective, natural pain management techniques.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of adding massage to your regime of reducing and managing pain. Growing amounts of clinical research show that massage therapy is effective in the reduction, relief, or management of chronic or sporadic pain. Because of this supporting data, medical professionals and patients now recognize the importance of integrating therapeutic massage into mainstream pain management programs. These studies also conclude that therapeutic massage alleviates pain in hospitalized patients, and may reduce their need for prescription pain medication.

Adding holistic pain management through customized massage at LaVida Massage is an excellent way to increase relaxation, enhance emotional well-being by reducing pain, and bring much needed relief from achy muscles and joints.