Massage Relieves Migraines & Headaches

Massage Helps Migraine and Headaches

External forces acting on the body such as stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and even a poor diet, can present themselves in the form of headaches. The American Journal of Public Health published a study in which researchers investigated the efficacy of massage in reducing headaches. They found that individuals who received therapeutic massage to the neck and shoulders experienced a reduction in the frequency and duration of headaches.

A therapeutic massage given to alleviate headaches focuses on relieving tension in specific problem areas; the head, neck, and shoulders. Isolated massage therapy has shown positive results in managing pain as well as improving sleep. When you are not in pain, and experiencing restful sleep, serotonin levels tend to increase in the brain, which can help boost your mood and reduce the occurrence of stress-induced headaches.

Through relieving stress, reducing muscle tension, and improving sleep quality, massage can improve your well-being and health. Because massage has the ability to affect your body physically and emotionally, it has the potential to be a functional and holistic treatment for reducing tension and mitigating headaches.